eNews February 2021

This is a good time of the year to review what books are needed or might be a great addition to either your school library or your home library. The books can be purchased individually or as a bundle. Bundles have big discounts attached to them.

For Students

How to Stop Your Words from Bumping Into Someone Else’s

– Is a full of social scripts and directive stories with illustrations that match the script. Examples of the directive stories include waiting on the mat, waiting in line, getting someone’s attention. Each page can be coloured in by students and hung on the walls of the classroom. Some schools have asked permission to blow up the pages and place them in the school grounds as reminders for some of their students.

I’m Going to School

– Is a transition booklet for students entering school or moving through the early grades. Each page can be filled with photos of things that are going to be the same and things that are going to be different in the new setting. Whenever the student is feeling anxious about the change that is about to happen they can return to the book and re check things that are going to be the same to reduce their anxious feelings.

I Can Fly a Plane

– Is a light hearted, colourful story book that takes us through how the controls of a plane work and their effect on our flight. It is entertaining and informative for the curious mind.

I Can Fly a Plane – Reading Book … $15

I Can Fly a Plane – Colouring book and pencils … $5

I Can Fly a Plane – Bundle (two books and pencils) … $18

For Teachers

Ultimate Guide to School and Home

This book provides key strategies for all ages and stages. It offers over 500 practical strategies and time savers for school and home. It includes pages on setting up your classroom, developing friendships, engaging disengaged students, to moving house and applying for a job. It is the Ultimate guide for teachers, parents and all professionals supporting students with Autism Spectrum, ADD, ADHD,ODD and other developmental delays.

Essential Guide to Successful Secondary School

This is a very practical guide to Secondary School. This book has over 100 pages of proven ideas and strategies. It includes proformas that can be photocopied to save time and gives practical ideas for engaging students in homework, excursions, teaching exam techniques, understanding the idea of perfection, classroom adjustments, modifications and differentiation.

For Teachers and Aides and Volunteers

The Teacher Assistants BIG RED Book of Ideas

– A companion book to the Teacher Assistants Big Blue Book. This book includes hundreds of ideas to try in the classroom, from setting up classroom, role of teacher assistant, behaviour in the classroom and the playground, stages of anxiety, understanding why transitions can be difficult, using sensory tools. It also includes a frequently asked questions section.

The Teacher Assistants BIG BLUE Book of Ideas

– A companion book to the Teacher Assistants Big Red Book. This book continues where the Big Red book leaves off. Includes hundreds more strategies to try with your students and more ideas on social skills, playgrounds and friendships and building self-esteem and bullying. In the classroom includes on ideas on helping students get on task, adapting tasks and exams, building independence, managing anxiety and behaviour.

BIG RED Book of Ideas … $40

BIG BLUE Book of Ideas … $40

BIG BUNDLE Books of Ideas … $70 (Red and Blue books)

For Families

Disclosing the Diagnosis

This is invaluable for families to help them how to explain the diagnosis to family and friends, siblings, extended families and others who may need to know. It also gives some recommendations for grandparents in understanding the needs of the family. The suggestions for sharing the diagnosis are written in plain English so that families who are under stress can easily use the ideas without having to unpack the meaning and work out what to do. There are a number of ideas to try where family gatherings may be a problem. It finishes with some great advice to parents in regards to looking after themselves.

The Fun Side of Asperger’s

This book looks at the lighter side of living with a young person with Autism Spectrum. It is a personal account which includes some of the funny and embarrassing moments and is accented with huge amounts of humour. There are many strategies included around going shopping for clothes or at the supermarket to honesty and preparing your child for hugs.

Understanding Autism Spectrum

This is an invaluable book for those who will be working with children on the Autism Spectrum. All the pages can be photocopied and given to hairdressers, dentists, ambulance officer, the emergency department, occupational therapists, etc. The booklet is designed for all health professionals who may come in contact with an adult or a child with Autism Spectrum.