2024 … New school?
Is 2024 a New school Year? 

Start peparing now!

Wow! Here we go for a new year at school!

Preparing a child for transition to start school (or new school / new grade) takes thoughtful planning and thinking ahead.

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Using Visuals

Use lots of visuals such as the “I’m Going To School” booklet. This printed booklet can be filled in and individualised for each student, and gives specific information about the new environment.

  • Gather the informatio
  • Fill it in together with the child.
  • Read though the completed pages with the child and review it often.

It is important for the child to see what is going to be the SAME and what is going to be DIFFERENT.

This workbook will get the child prepared with the next year’s environment and to minimise anxiety.

Teach peers about what to expect and strategies to use.

Understanding Fiendships

As we teach friendship skills, we also need to teach that friendships grow and change, and so we need to guide them through the different stages of friendships as some friendships wane and others become much closer.

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Book Bundles

A great selection of books as a bundle

These books bundles might be a great addition to either your school library or your home library.

Bundles have big discounts attached to them, or buy what you need individually.

Directive Stories

How to STOP your Words from Bumping into Someone Else’s

This book has 18 great A4 clear pages, each with an excellent picture to explain so many of the common challenges students with an ASD face in social and school situations.

This is a directive story book that outlines:

  1. What you need to do
  2. How to do it – in words
  3. What it looks like – in a picture

Start teaching children some of the basic activities they need to know before starting school. Such as:

  • Sitting on a mat
  • Listening to others
  • Lining up
  • How to unwrap lunch from cling wrap, etc

Use some of these visual tools

Now – Next – Later

A visual schedule that can be used to transition to different activities or to try new activities.

You can download this for free and print your own page.

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My Weekly Planner

My Weekly Planner is a fantastic visual tool that can be used for forward planning. One day for each day of the week.

Download for free and make it yourself.

Or purchase a reusable A5 laminated, ring bound book from my Bookshop.

My weekly planner -A4 (all pages and example images indluded)

Visuals included

Download these images for free and make some more yourself.

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