Yoga Bear Cards

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Yoga for Little Bears (cards)
building Emotional Intelligence through mindfulness and movement


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All teachers will enjoy having a yoga corner. I have used this strategy very effectively in my classroom.
On days where students have been very unruly, I’ve used the yoga poses myself. I not only calmed myself, but also demonstrated to students how to use the corner in context.
Teach students the yoga poses as a calming and self-regulation strategy. However students will need to know the WHY and the HOW of using Yoga Bear Cards.
Using the poses for 5 minutes before the start of the day are a great way to help students self-regulate.
Set up a corner with the cards the students can choose from. Only have the cards that suit your classroom in the “choose box”.
Students may need to choose a couple of different poses to help them regain self-regulation.

Some examples include:
1. Victory pose
It is how you feel when you know you are proud of the way you feel.
Develops – Self-belief, flexibility, confidence

2. Peaceful pose
Breathing deeply helps the body to calm the mind
Lying prone on the floor can help the body to relax

3. Icy Pole pose
Helps students to become focused and calm.
Develops – balance & self-regulation.

4. Mountain pose
Helps students to become still
Develops – focus, centredness.

5. Butterfly pose
Helps students to become still and focused
Develops – visualisation, mindfulness