Exploring Feelings – ANXIETY

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to Manage Anxiety

by Dr Tony Attwood.

Audience: Professional
For Ages: 18+ years old
Format: Paperback -AS NEW

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Winner of a 2008 Teachers’ Choice Award! Anxiety can be debilitating for anyone, but it can be especially confusing for a child. Learning about emotions helps children recognize connections between thinking and feeling, and the physiological effects of anxiety on the body (sweating, increased heart rate, crying, etc.). This book provides a guide for caregivers along with a workbook section that allows children to identify anxiety-provoking situations, and teaches them how to perceive them differently.

Helpful topics include:

  • Overview of the Exploring Feelings Program
  • Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • The Emotional Toolbox
  • Social Stories
  • Research Evidence on the Effectiveness of Exploring Feelings

and more!