Autism Encyclopedia


The Complete Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders Paperback – 1 March 2009
by E. Amanda Boutot Ph.D. (Author), Matt Tincani Ph.D. (Author)

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Forty-five critical topics every parent and teacher must understand about autism.

Serving and advocating for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) requires parents, teachers, and other caretakers to gather and understand a massive amount of information. Autism Encyclopedia: The Complete Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders offers concise, reader-friendly articles that provide answers to the most pertinent questions related to educating and parenting children with autism.

The entries explain and give practical advice on topics including the educational process; programs and therapy; issues in communication, behavior, and social skills; promoting living skills, friendships, and inclusion; and caring for adults with autism. Current research and emerging issues also are discussed.

Each entry contains a glossary of key terms and suggested resources for more information. Topics are cross-referenced for easy access to related articles within the book. The book provides parents and teachers with the information they need to help ensure success for children with ASD.