eNews March 2021

Sensory Tools are an essential part of positive behaviour support. They are used as calming tools, distraction tools, and even concentration tools.

Using sensory tools in your classroom will benefit all the students, as they may help many of the students concentrate for longer and even sit for longer periods of time.

As Andrew (a student with AS) said: “I can’t think unless I’m fiddling with something in my hands. I lose concentration. But fiddling with something keeps me focused on what I have to do”.

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We have some new sensory tools that might help to inspire your student’s imagination or to increase and refine fine motor skills. Examples are the wooden robot with flexible legs and arms which can be posed in many different ways, or the Squeezy Dinosaur or Unicorn eggs: Both fantastic for improving fine motor skills. Click here to see these: https://www.annatullemans.com.au/product-category/latest/

For tips on how to use sensory tools find the tip sheet here: How to Use Sensory Tools, Sensory Issues

The BIG RED BOOK of Ideas has more information outlining Why and How to use sensory tools and some ideas  to try (see pages 53-54)

You can also read more detailed information and strategies by reading The Big RED Book of Ideas for Teacher Aides and The Big BLUE Book of ideas for Teacher Aides available here: https://www.annatullemans.com.au/shop/books/