Book review – I’m Going to School

Reviewed by Rhonda Valentine Dixon

I’m Going to School is a workbook for parents and teachers to complete as children begin pre or primary school.  Each page depicts a single topic related to the early days and weeks of the school term.

Parents and teachers are encouraged to dedicate a single book to an individual student and fill in each page with the child.  Youngsters will assimilate more easily when they become familiar with the locations, buildings, uniforms and belongings, rules, routines, and people they’ll encounter in the school day.

If a student obsesses over one or two issues, those pages alone may be photocopied and individualised for the child.

Whilst this book was written with the ASD student in mind, it is a valuable resource for all newcomers to pre and primary schools.

This book is self-published and does not have an ISBN.  It is available for purchase at

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