Aperger’s Rules


How to make sense of school and friends.

By Blythe Grossberg

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A large part of school isn’t just taking tests, reading, and writing—it’s knowing the rules for behavior in the classroom and learning how to communicate with teachers and classmates. This book makes school easier for kids with Asperger’s by explaining the confusing—and often unwritten—rules of the classroom.

Asperger’s Rules is filled with examples, quizzes, and exercises to help you:

  • Understand your feelings and emotions;
  • Ask teachers for help;
  • Have good classroom behavior;
  • Navigate lunch, recess, gym, and other situations in school;
  • Interact with other kids;
  • Deal with bullies and mean kids; and
  • Maintain healthy habits

Asperger’s Rules helps you learn the rules, so you will be better able to show your true talents at school. Blythe Grossberg, PsyD, is a learning specialist in New York City who works to help children and adults to become more effective at school and at work.