Fun Side of Asperger eBook


Looks at the lighter side of living with a person on the Autism Spectrum. A personal account with some funny and embarrassing moments and accented with touches of humour.


I want to share with you some of these funny, sad, and embarrassing moments in the hope that you can use this new way of thinking in your lives to sometimes survive, but mostly live through these incredible moments.

There were so many times in which we were embarrassed, horrified, wishing a big hole would open up and swallow us, and sometimes truly “tickled pink” by things that our son did and had said. And there were so many times when family and friends totally disowned us at parties and gatherings because of the havoc that our son created, however, through it all, what kept us going was a sense of humour even through the tears.

This is a 20-page downloadable eBook.

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