How to Use Sensory Tools

Article by Anna Tullemans

Water balls, Porcupine balls, convert-a-balls:

  • Transition timers –Transitions/moving between activities/subjects


  • Transition from one activity to another
  • Waiting time, with wait symbol
  • “You have 15 seconds to get started”

Squishy ball key chains:

Use as a squishy toy in the pocket

  • While lining up
  • Going from classroom to classroom
  • At assembly

Large squishy toy:

  • To keep concentration while hearing a story
  • As a transition toy

Butterfly Fan – It is fun to create a cool breeze.

  • Use as reward.
  • Sensory Tool
  • To distract from behaviour

Social cooperation – Independant training.

Squeeze the trigger to rotate the fan.


Wooden Hand massager:

  • To help with concentration instead of pen clicking
  • To use as a force field and block out other people
  • Use as a massage toy in pocket

Monkeys in a barrel:

  • Great for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Use as a game to teach taking turns